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The Cure is still stupid...

Things are going well. I've been in a horrific music slump for the past several weeks, but I am pulling out of it in flying colors. I'm working on two songs right now that I am VERY excited about. Usually I like to contain my enthusiasm with things of this nature, but I am genuinely excited. I want to show them to the rest of the band (you know who you are) sometime this weekend, if I can get them done in time. My family is going out of town, so I'll have the house to myself to work, I just need several hours of un-interrupted work, and I'll have these "demos" up and ready. This will make five songs that I am writing/have written. Out of those five only three are actually good IMO...the first one, albeit important to me in many ways...isn't really good enough to do anything with...but I'll always love it. I was working on another one that I thought was wicked cool, but now I thoroughly hate it. Then there is "Fantastic Plastic" My own personal ode to "Starlight." It's not the best song in the whole world, but I do like it, and I hope we can make some use of it. The two new ones are tentatively (sic) titled "Triall" and "A Tale of Two Kitties." The cool thing is each song represents one of the kinds of songs I want to be able to write, and make. These two types of songs are angsty, brooding, gut-wrenching music...ala TSN or The smashing pumpkins..."Triall" is that kind. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum is "A Tale of Two Kitties" which is the other kind of music I'm in love with...bouncy, silly, and disgustingly catchy and groovalicious synth-pop...and trust me...this song is catchy...like, I 've been humming it at work for several days in a row. Once I've (or we've depending) written lyrics I'll post them...because I know how our fans are desparate for updates ;-)

Oh, and the Korg and the QY have been getting alot GREAT. Match made in heaven. The korg has NEVER had his batteries replaced! Also, if anyone needs a birthday present for me...I need the cord that connects the QY to the PC. I am running out of MEMORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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