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*wipes sweatdrop off forehead*

One song down!

So I spent many hours today, and I finished "A Tale of Two Kitties." I consider this a "pre-demo" and last nite I showed andrew the "pre-pre-demo" of the song, i.e. just enough music to give you the general feel of the song. So today I re-recorded most of what I had, heavily altered the bass line for the chorus and re-wrote the melody for the chorus. All this was low pressure considering I don't think the chorus is the most important part of the song. Then I went about the laborious and methodical process of recording the rest of the song. It went well, and I think we have a pretty dancy and catchy song. It's pretty long too, I didn't time it (because it's so long, and when you spend all day working on a song and all week thinking about it, you need a break eventually, I didn't feel like listening to it again). It is long though, partially because I added a pretty lengthy (yet nice) outro. I was really looking forward to adding the outro to this song, and I had fun doing it. Well to be honest I've been in a terrible mood all day so I didn't have tha much fun, but you get the picture. Anywho, writing lyrics will be a snap *snaps fingers* so I am pretty pleased...and I am pleased with that. I was dissapointed however with the fact that the QY has no cat sound effect.
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