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Freaky... We have a random fan. Or at least a random member: sluzzslaz.
Anyway in the aftermath of quirkyguy18's awesome interview I collected some of the questions that were cut so you can get to know the slightly less interesting side of us.

Whose bright idea was Accidental Pollinator?
Alex: Hmm…I think it was sort of a collective idea. For the most part it was a joke, then we started actually doing it.
Boss: Everyone but me, I think.

What is the science behind the name?
Cindy: An accidental pollinator is a creature that, while going about its business, happens to pollinate. A bee doesn’t set out saying “I think I’m going to help these flowers procreate!” no, he’s just interested in getting food, the pollination is an accident.

Musical influences?
Alex: Freezepop, The Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode, ThouShaltNot, and The Postal Service.
Boss: Rush, Pink Floyd, Freezepop, ThouShaltNot, Kurt Harland, Symbion Project…
Cindy: Freezepop, ThouShaltNot, Lifestyle, Cosmicity, Spice Girls, Common Rotation, and Dir en Grey.

Non-musical influence?
Alex: Sigourney Weaver!
Boss: The Boss.

What did you just eat?
Alex: Kix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Boss: Macados Club.
Cindy: Taco Bell.

Red or Blue?
Alex: Blue.
Boss: Blue.
Cindy: Red. Red all the way.

What is the difference between an unhappy capitalist and an ecstatic communist?
Boss: Attitude. And political affiliation. And their name. And probably everything else.
Cindy: The unhappy capitalist is being abused by the system, an ecstatic communist is abusing the system.

Is it true that you’re going to have a ghetto white little girl dance in all your videos?
Alex: Our lawyer has advised us that pending out trial in domestic court we shouldn’t speak about it.

How would you respond to people who say that synthpop isn’t music?
Alex: My general consensus is that music is more simple then most people think. People just don’t realize it with rock and roll or R&B. Synth-pop is just as much real music as anything else, just on different instruments. Not everything has to be a concerto to be real music.
Cindy: I bet you listen to rap and bad techno.

How would you respond to people who say that you don’t exist?
Cindy: Wink.

If Purusha is the originally sacrificed cosmic being that gave life to everything, why isn’t he the big shit? What did Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva do to become all high and mighty?
Alex: They’re names are a lot cooler. Also, it’s all technically conceptual to help us understand God better.
Boss: Their names are easier to pronounce.
Cindy: They’re Hindu.

Is it safe to say that Accidental Pollinator is just a bunch of modern day heathens?
Cindy: Religion is pointless when you realize that machines will soon rule us all.

Would you count this as a waste of time?
Alex: Erm…sortive…
Boss: Not a big waste.
Cindy: It was this or World of Warcraft.

Favorite curse word?
Alex: Fuck.
Boss: God dammit.
Cindy: ShitFuckGoddammitAllToHell.

Favorite sound?
Alex: The little Konami sound at the start of MGS1.
Boss: Kain’s laugh in Defiance when he impales someone.
Cindy: Maou.

Favorite smell?
Alex: The smell of spring.
Cindy: Vanilla.

What job would you not want to do?
Alex: Phone work. Or working at Kroger.
Boss: Artist.
Cindy: Cook. Especially short-order.

What was the last song you listened to?
Alexx: Blank Page – The Smashing Pumpkins.
Boss: Thou Shalt Not – Embrace the Sun.
Cindy: Dr Awesome – Bioform.

Best lyric you ever heard?
Alex: Take a day, plant some trees. May they shade you from me. May your children play beneath.
Boss: Fucking alarm clock/Start the day in fear.
Cindy: Good writers borrow and great writers steal.

Worst lyric you ever heard?
Alex: The shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (Gwen Stefani)

What wouldn’t you ever eat?
Alex: I don’t think I could eat one of my pets.
Cindy: Raw octopus.

Does god exist?
Boss: I’ll find out when I die. Unless I don’t.

Is there a fundamental question?
Cindy: There has to be, we know the answer.

Full-bodied women or skinny waifs?
Alex: Depends. I’m not that into curves, in either. So I guess waif.
Cindy: I’d rather someone who’s healthy, which usually means the former.

Should men be required to wear buttons that say how well they are endowed?
Alex: I don’t think it would be a bad idea.
Boss: Yeah, why not.
Cindy: Only at bars.

Did we really land on the moon?
Boss: Yes.
Cindy: Yes.

If you’ve just met someone and you tell them that you lead a dull and meaningless existence, and then they tell you they don’t think you do, what does that mean?
Alex: They’re trying to be nice.
Boss: They’re an idiot.
Cindy: They’re stalking you.

Do you trust other people?
Alex: Not usually.
Boss: Generally not.

When a movie flops, is it the actors’ fault, the director’s fault, or the writer’s fault?
Cindy: Depends on which sucked.

Whose fault is it when things go badly for Accidental Pollinator?
Alex: I’m assuming I’ll be blamed, but I doubt it will ever be my fault.
Boss: I would say Alex, but he’s out of the band.
Cindy: Alex.

Blood type?
Alex: O-
Cindy: A+

What do you think is the statement your music makes?
Boss: We’re nerds, but still better than everyone else.
Cindy: Science rules! Or that we’re crazy.

What is the statement your fashion makes?
Alex: I’m not happy to be around you right now.
Cindy: Someone like me should not own blue eyeliner.

What is statement do you regret making?
Cindy: Most every statement I’ve ever made.

Why are iPods evil?
Alex: Because they’re a stupid trend and every one has them just to look rich and cool. Also, I really don’t like digital music machine things. I like CDs.
Boss: Cause idiots like them. But that’s not iPod’s fault.
Cindy: Because I don’t have one.

What kind of underwear do you not wear?
Alex: Thongs.
Cindy: Thongs.

What if you ran into a clone of yourself on the street?
Boss: I would probably quote Metal Gear Solid. No. I would quote Metal Gear Solid.

Who, in fact, is the killer?
Alex: The killer in me is the killer in you.
Boss: I don’t think you ever find out.
Cindy: I haven’t figured it out yet.

Do you believe that there truly does exist a warrior elf princess who is totally gorgeous?
Alex: No. She is totally gorjuss x 3.

Is science for the masses? Or should it be hoarded by academia?
Alex: The masses are too stupid for all science has too offer, but it should be offered anyway.
Cindy: Science is for everyone, problem is people don’t want to take the time to dumb it down enough so it’s not intimidating.

Is an obtuse thirty-two degree angle really inconceivable?
Boss: Depends on who you are and how you look at it.

Three songs you want to cover?
Alex: I don’t want to cover any songs. I know the rest of the band does not feel this way however.
Boss: Information Society – On the Outside, Led Zeppelin – All My Love, Freezepop – Shark Attack.
Cindy: Cosmicity – Regenerate, Darren Hayes – Crush (1980 Me), Abba – Thank You For the Music.

If a certified psychic said you were going to die, what would you do?
Alex: We’re all gonna die.
Cindy: Everyone is going to die. (Max out my credit cards on random things that won’t arrive until after I’m dead)

Do you go in for casual hook-ups?
Alex: No.
Boss: No.
Cindy: Not anymore.

What childhood toy did you hate?
Boss: There was a robot that my Uncle got for me for Christmas that was really noisy and opened up and had a person’s face inside. It terrified me. I feel kina bad about it now.

Would you sell your daughter into slavery? It says it’s okay in the Bible.
Alex: Depends how much I could get for her.
Boss: She’s my property, I don’t need the Bible’s permission.

Does Accidental Pollinator support medical salvation?
Cindy: We can’t take a stand, Boss slept through the class.

Oozing open sores or bleeding between the legs?
Alex: Yes and no.
Boss: Oozing.

Can you respect someone who openly searches for a “sugar daddy”?
Boss: Probably not.
Cindy: No.

Shouldn’t musical artists be able to write their music down?
Alex: I don’t see a point to go through the whole process. It just slows me down.

What other musician/musical group would Accidental Pollinator procreate with in order to have unholy, hell spawn?
Boss: We would try with Freezepop, but it wouldn’t be unholy. I would try with Kurt Harland, but it would fail.
Cindy: I think I’d personally procreate with Mark Nicholas so long as the child magically appears full grown and I’m allowed to destroy it.

Does the band aid cover the bullet hole?
Alex: H/C.
Boss: What were they thinking when they wrote that? Why does she call herself Jessicka?
Cindy: Scarling!

Movie of the Day?
Alex: Jurassic Park.
Boss: Final Fantasy: Advent Children, because I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I’ve never seen it.
Cindy: The Secretary.

How many words begin with “dw”?
Alex: Many I’d assume. Maybe not now that I think about it…

Finish this statement: I respect…
Alex: Billy Corgan.
Boss: The Boss.

Finish this statement: I was kidding about…
Cindy: That thing I said in 10th grade.

Do you lie?
Alex: Unfortunately yes.
Boss: No.
Cindy: Only when I have something to hide.

Have you ever just wanted to jam a duck down someone’s throat so they’d shut the fuck up?
Alex: I will now.
Boss: No, I like ducks.
Cindy: Never to shut them up.

Is violence really necessary?
Boss: Yes.

Have I repeated any questions yet?
Alex: Not yet.
Boss: I wasn’t paying attention.
Cindy: Yes.

Describe the affects of death on the world economy.
Boss: It won’t matter soon because robots don’t need money.
Cindy: Death can never do anything to the world at large but help the situation.

Video games will rot your brains.
Boss: Anything can rot your brain. Except video games. And air.

What’s wrong with you?
Alex: What isn’t wrong with me?
Cindy: My hair won’t poof.

Have you ever had a fruvous luncheon date?
Boss: No.
Cindy: Once, he was a frat boy.

Big fish in the small pond or small fish in the big pond?
Alex: Small fish in big pond.
Boss: I hate metaphors.
Cindy: Depends on the pond.

Finish this statement: School vouchers don’t work because…:
Cindy: Republicans think they will.

How long has it been since you thought about aqua-werewolf?
Alex: A very long time actually. Very long.
Boss: Two or three months.
Cindy: Maybe yesterday.

Have you ever felt a teacher undressing you with their eyes?
Boss: No.

What about with their hands?
Alex: No comment.

Last question: What is this “math” you keep using?
Cindy: The ability to subtract years and two digit numbers to calculate age and age-difference.

Can you feel it?
Alex: Oh yeah.
Boss: No.
Cindy: I can.

How do you feel about prodigies, you know, children who are better than you at everything?
Alex: I generally really don’t like them. I won’t try to hide my jealousy.
Boss: I’m fairly jealous of child prodigies.
Cindy: Pain, they deserve pain.

Where will Accidental Pollinator be in 10 years?
Alex: Hopefully stuck in the heads of countless people.
Boss: We’ll be taken over by punk fans and put in refugee camps, struggling just to live and knowing that it doesn’t really matter because of something.
Cindy: Some kid’s birthday party.

Who are sheep?
Alex: Sheep are cute barnyard animals.

Oral or anal?
Alex: Oral.
Boss: Oral.
Cindy: Oral.

Up or down?
Alex: Down.
Boss: Up.
Cindy: Up.

One gram of anti-matter could power the whole eastern seaboard, could you?
Alex: Not yet.

Live to sleep or live to eat?
Alex: Live to eat.
Boss: Live to sleep.
Cindy: Both.

Have you ever been accused of being callous, cold-hearted or cruel?
Alex: Not to my face.
Boss: Yes.
Cindy: Not in the last five minutes.

Are you bleeding on the inside?
Alex: Oh yes.
Boss: Does a bruise count?
Cindy: Nope.

Isn’t life precious?
Cindy: Depends on the life.

Do you know what coitus interruptus is?
Alex: Is that when you’re interrupted during orgasm?
Boss: No. And I don’t care.
Cindy: Yes.

Wasn’t Prince better before he got religion?
Alex: Apples and Oranges. Besides, prince always had religion, just later, he started going crazy with religion…crazy…
Boss: I’ve never heard enough to judge. But I’ll do it anyway, no.
Cindy: Yes.

What minorities do you HATE?
Alex: White people. And gay people. Mostly gay white people. And all those immigrants.
Boss: All of them.
Cindy: People smarter than me.

Would it be fairer to ask who you don’t hate? We understand your unending rage.
Alex: No mostly just the white gays.
Boss: It’d be easier.
Cindy: I don’t hate Rosencrantz. Or Tom Stoppard.

Finish this statement: Sometimes I just want to…
Alex: Burn everything to the ground.
Cindy: Buy something I hate just to own it.
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