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So sleepy

I've had several really dreamy "sections" of a song scattered around here and there in various places on the QY, and I planned to base a songs off of most of them. My only problem is that I felt that they were all a little too similar...so that each song would sound alot like the last one. So instead I just went down to the soccer field and smashed them all together and made one dreamy pretty song. I think it came out pretty good. The verse is really pretty, and I have a really pretty pad and base line then I addanother synth over that to give it a bit more melody. I'm worried that the last synth might make it sound cluttered, but I think it's okay, and I really like that synth line. The chorus was something I came up with a couple days ago doing scales on the piano (lame I know). The neat thing about the chorus is that it feels like it should sound really cluttered. But it doesn't...the bass line is in a way two bass lines in one, and yet it doesn't drown out the chorus at all, and I made the chorus a really soft and gentle pad, so it was really in danger of being drowned out...but it works. My only problem really to fix with this song is that the transition from verse to chorus is really sudden and doesn't sound right. I think that the chorus and the verse work great with each other, and it even sounds okay going from chorus to verse, just not the other way around. Weird. It shouldn't be too hard to fix, I pretty much already know how to fix it, I just took a break. I also think a really neat synthy bridge is needed. It shouldn't be too hard to come up with, but who knows. For a while I just laid on my back and played around on that really dreamy pad and just looked at the clouds. It was really cool, like I was in a pure moods commercial. God I'm sleepy.
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