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The World's Biggest Water Slide

Have Fun Now, Cause We're All Gonna Die

Accidental Pollinator
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This is the community for the five-piece synth-pop band "Accidental Pollinator." We are dubbing ourselves "science-synth-pop" and embrace all forms of electronic music. Fans(!), friends, fellow musicians, electronic enthusiasts, or bored people are encouraged to join. For a while most of the posts will just be us rambling about songs we're writing or technology we're working with to make the best music we can make so anyone who wants to make encouragements or criticisms are welcome. Hope everyone enjoys it! This is open membership too!

Accidental Pollinator is:

Cindy Parker--Vocals, QY programming, songwriting:

Boss: QY programming, songwriting, synth:

Alex Electric ~ QY programming, songwriting, synth:

QY70 - The heart and soul of the band, our drummer, and our versatile instrumentalist. He's the most important member, and is engaged to our vocalist:

MicroKorg . The newest member of the band, he assists in vocals, composition (he works with the QY heavily) and he's an excellent synth player: